Men’s fashion is fast and  becoming more diverse.

The days when all you could purchase were the staples from your favourite retail outlet are disappearing quickly. Modern style is about dressing to your own personality, and having a  personalised blazer or suit can do just that.

With choices in fabric, lapels, jacket and sleeve length, buttons, stitching and even embroidered patches, your blazer game just entered a new world with The Spectre Collection starting from $399 for a custom designed and crafted piece.

Our second video instalment (see below) features variations and options in style, fit and inspiration delivered at  Spectre. In this post, we’ll talk through our opinion on blazer style and some of the looks featured in this video.

Checkout The Video Below

For those individuals that consider themselves conservative in dress sense, a casual blazer can be a great statement piece to bring out for the right occasion. It certainly doesn’t have to be out there and we can help you personalise even the more subtle pieces through the details such as stitching or lapel. The beauty of a blazer is it’s easy to wear and remove if you’re not feeling the look when you’re out.

Adding a colour to the design doesn’t have to be in-your-face and loud either. You can choose pastel, faded or dark colours and vary the fabric from wool, to cotton chino or linen and tweed to create texture in your pieces and throughout your collection as it grows. The options are endless, and adding colour can be as subtle or extreme as you would like it to be.

When we think of loud blazers, bright colours and thicker lapels comes to mind. In recent times inspired by European trends, bold statements like contrasting lapels bring attention from all other pieces available at retail stores. The sky blue linen piece (seen in the video and below), has personalised embroidered patches and solid black satin lapels inspired by recent events.

Also featured is a light pink blazer with black shawl lapels, both of which look fantastic paired with a black t-shirt or a white shirt as seen in the latest Kingsmen movie.

Loud & proud, does not have to mean brash. The key to any daring outfit is to wear it with confidence and allow you and your blazer to stand out. The blazer should be the main focus of your outfit with everything else built around it. Here are some tips on adding colour to your look:

Light Blue

A light blue blazer is one of the most versatile colours you can opt for, making a subtle statement to draw fashionable attention without going over the top. It works especially well in the summer with its pale colouring, keeping you looking and feeling cool. The light blue pictured below in a full suit is not out of place at the races or polo, and if it is a more casual look you are after, simply pair your blazer with jeans or chinos.

In general, pale colours look great in the bright sun and also do well to keep you cool, as they don’t absorb as much heat as darker colours.


For some, just the thought of a Red blazer brings anxiety and fear of being over the top and drawing attention. Red is an attention grabbing colour, but it can the right impact even for the more conservative folk  in the right shades. A brighter red can suit a casual affair in the summer months in a lighter cloth such as linen. Pictured is a Silk/Linen blend with a blue windowpane design.

For a dapper occasion, opt for a dark red or maroon paired with dark navy or black trousers. A velvet fabric blazer is not out of place at a formal occasion and not out of place introducing a satin lapel in a contrast colour such as black.


A very inoffensive tone, cream blazers are a great addition to the individual who opts for earthy tones or inconspicuous outfit. Cream can lighten up your outfit unlike a standard navy or black and can be paired with a variety of coloured pants, shorts or shoes, making this option an extremely versatile colour. A cream blazer as pictured below, brings sophistication to your look and equally stylish with dark pants or casual with lighter tones such as white or light blue.