I purchased my first made to Measure suit in 2014 for a wedding. Until that point, I was an off the rack kind of guy and purchased whatever the salesperson sold me.

Then my life changed. Lapels, lining, colour, window pane, pick stitching, workable buttons….the list goes on. I also noticed at this point, the more adventurous I got the more others judged and commented.

In Australian corporate culture, I feel fashion is seen in a less adventurous light, white collar men prefer to fly under the radar and the thought of a pocket square or double breasted jacket is seen as being adventurous in the office.

I find it intriguing, because in general most people enjoy expressing themselves through their clothing for special occasions or for a weekend outing/gathering.

Having enjoyed (from afar) and ultimately envied the men & women who attended Pitti Uomo 2017 and gracing Men’s style mags in Europe, I know we have a long way to go in Australia in breaking the shackles of style in our culture. 

So much colour, vibrancy and most of the variations in fits across the garments. It’s ok to have a tight fit as much as it is to go relaxed. I enjoy the fact the rule book is out the window, maybe it’s time to throw ours out too?

This Melbourne winter I have noticed more Tweed fabric than ever in the corporate world, more double breasted jackets and I think in 2017, the waist coat is a wardrobe regular (Thanks to Harvey Specter). As a thicker fabric, Tweed makes a lot of sense in the colder months I don’t know how I survived without it over the last 10+ Corporate winters.

My current wardrobe is dominated by Tweed, colours patterns styles. I can’t get enough of it, most likely over compensating for years of living without. It’s soft, it’s warm, and it’s different… 

Come spring and summer 2018, as we have embraced tweed, will we see linen jackets and/or full suits in the office? From a functional sense, being a lighter fabric I hope we do!